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What you should know about ThinkAlchemy scam

I was a recent employee / contractor at ThinkAlchemy and let me begin by telling you that there marketing plan and web development procedures are very flawed. First they have a very slick sales person named Rochelle Peron or Rochelle Glock who is married to Michael Glock pitch the idea of SEO marketing. They convince you that you need there service to obtain more traffic and clients. In reality they sale you keywords that do not bring in any real traffic such as "dui defense lawyer las vegas". I am sure these types of keywords are sounding very familiar. If you don't believe me go sign up for Google Adwords and under the Tools Button you will see a keyword tool that will allow you to see an estimate of traffic based on keywords. And they will try to sale you the fact that because the firm is run by a PHD that there methods are the best. Do not be fooled by this rhetoric. SEO is based on traffic and that is the bottom line. And the keywords they present are keywords that have no relevant traffic. I urge anyone who has fallen victim to this SEO to contact me so we can begin legal actions based on false advertisement by ThinkAlchemy and its owners. During the time I have worked there I have seen countless number of times that ThinkAlchemy was very unprofessional. They have issued paycheck to employee that have bounced and told employees that is there problem. A false Temporary Restraining Order against me because I wanted to confront them about their false representation of their services. They claimed that I had threatened there family members and even dared to call me an Obama hater. The case number is SS018378 which was files in the Los Angeles Superior Court in Santa Monica. The court case was thrown out by the Judge who also believed my side of the story. You can verify this information by checking the court case number. This company has not only caused me personal anguish but they have also hurt others who had trusted them in their SEO and marketing efforts. Their websites developed are based on the same template design that is given to other clients. Most of the work done by Michael Glock is a repeat design of other clients they have developed for. I am writing this letter due to the continued harassment received by ThinkAlchemy. Included is my proof with the case number of the court filling by ThinkAlchemy in which judgment was awarded to me. As well as how you can access the keyword tool from Google to see if indeed what I am saying is true. I was their VP of SEO and no longer could I stand and watch people getting misinformed about their SEO practices. I am trying to do the right thing by letting others know what exactly is going on at ThinkAlchemy. If anyone would like to email me further questions about this please feel free to contact me. I will be gathering as much evidence as possible to see what we can do legally about this false advertisement done by ThinkAlchemy.

Below is a link to Michael Glock personal FTP information to the PUBLIC!! No Wonder this *** got hacked!

1) A Case Number from the Santa Monica District Court House #SS018378

2) An example of a website they optimized which if you check Google Keyword Tool Analysis you will see has not relevant searches.

Google "dui defense lawyer las vegas" and you will see that we have our client on the first page and in position #1

3) Additional Evidence showing that Michael Glock has public shown his companies FTP information about his company which may jeopardize his clients security. Check the bottom link and you will see this information was posted long before I worked at ThinkAlchemy.

4) ThinkAlchemy themselves are creating duplicate sites of there own website in which even Google states is bad SEO policy.

Below are the Violations!


Also here is information directly from Google.

Additional Information about Reporting companies like ThinkAlchemy is stated about Duplicate Sites!

Duplicate Sites Created by ThinkAlchemy.






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They will not hand over your website after they create it! BEWARE! Lots of unfilled promises by ThinkAlchemy!


What is an email address I can contact you on?

Jon Marks

I have just signed up with thinkalchemy and would very much like to talk to you before I go further. When is a good time? Thanks.

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